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Thursday, May 27, 2010

And me? What's my game?

And you what's your game? Some of you might have recognised this, if not maybe you've heard the same in a Spanish ad as: "I tú a qué juegas?. Ok, so no problems now to guess what I'm talking about right? Yes, IT'S WORLD OF WARCRAFT or as I prefer WOW.

Everybody should know already what I'm talking about so I'm not going to give any details about what's this game about... Ok I will, but believe I'm not very enthusiastic about this. So here we go:

First of all, you need to purchase the game the way you prefer (I'm not going to ask about how you do it). Once the game is fully installed and updated you'll be able to launch it. After that in your screen should apear something like this:

Ok, maybe I've forget to mention that you must register yourself in the server's page. Keeping this in mind, here you have to put your account's name and your password. No problems since here right? Prepare yourselves becuase now stars the choice of your life ( In Azeroth of course)

Once you have done this you'll a create new character button, what the hell are you waiting for click it and you'll arrive here:

If you're wondering what the heck are these blue things... No! they're not navis. The first one is an example of a draenei and the second a troll (my favourite one). As you can see there are ten races which are divided in two groups: Horde and Alliance. I'm not gonna give details about the races today, so just pick up one that catches your eye but keep this on mind: You don't want to be a "Flower Power Alliance" or "We are the good ones, we are justice" The Alliance is not the beast example of peace and order. Oh and one last favor don't be a blood elf, please there are just too many.

OK' you've got the race weel done! Now you'll have to choose a class. In my opinion this is the easiest part, you just have to take a look at yourself and think what kind of player you are: If you are afraid of fighting alone pick the hunter. If you like hiding in the shadows and backstabing people you're a rogue, etc. Remember that depending on the class you playing style will be totally diferent form another's player style.

And that's all for now! The last step is just very simple: Begin your new life in Azeroth. Don't worry mates another day we'll take a more detailed look to this. Oh and what about me? Well , let me finish this like the ads. I'm Chris-kun and I'm a Hunter ( And some time a mage) And you what's your game?

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

While you were engaged

Hi there,and no if you were expecting another TF2 sorry but there are still not good enough ideas so yes this is goiing to be a very,very,very short post.

I decided to write this not for the English 4000 task (I reached that goal some time ago)The real reason is that this is the first time I'm using the library. Yes the one that can be found somewhere near the Ágora. I really was a little frightened about trying you know everything is too silent like in a cementery but you know once I enetered I found it quite nice. There is a lot of quietness so I feel like being in some kind of temple.But I think the most important thing is I'm finally not wasting my time anymore.

So definately I will come back here tomorrow and who knows? maybe I post something quite useless again but of course after some time of hard job. See ya!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Just a few new items for Team Fortress 2 (part 1)


Sorry, too much time has passed since the last time I wrote something (believe me, this has been hell,better forget about anything). I just hope now everything will be diferent so I'll start with something quiete easy and simple, that I THINK ONLY ONE PERSON WILL READ! Yes I will talk about the marvelous game called: Team Fortress 2 (Sorry but I'm not going to explain who this games works, if you got any interest (I'm afraid not) take a look at Tido's great post about this game:

If you are a good TF2 player you should already now, what's going on TF2 during the last weeks, every single person in the world can contribute to the game with own made things like the crazy content released a few weeks ago. Not many people like that content, specially the Heavy's Dalokohs Bar... (It just can be compared with the Sandvich) And here is where I come, I'm a little bit angry because I think I've got lots of ideas inside my head but unfortunately, in order to create something you need to be a great artist or at least understand thousand of strange stuff about how to make your own content. So I decided that if I can't upload anything at least I will show some of my ideas for the TF2 (If some genius wants to steal them I don't care, I'll be glad somebody cares for a mad's ideas. Better get to the point! Here we go!

1-Le croissant(The crescent) Class: Spy

Description: Still unknown

Sorry, but I just got this in mind since the day I mentioned it in class, but I still don't know what it could be used for,the only thing I'm sure is:TheSpy is probably French so it would be perfect,if I think of something I'll change this.

2-The kangaroo boots Class: Sniper

Description:-They allow the sniper to perfom double or even triple jumps.

Are you tired of being a sniper and not knowing where to hide? Don't worry with these Australian boots you will be able to be safe from spies on one of the most unreachable places from maps, the roofs. (Beware of soldiers and demos)

3- The orichalcum helmet Class: Heavy

Description:-Protects from up to three(maybe more,maybe less) 100% headshots in a single life, -5% speed on

I hate hevy the most beacuse he is too slow, and even more when I get killed by a sniper, so why don't you protect your head?

4-The petrol can Class:Pyro (reference to Left 4 dead)

Description:-I think it's pretty clear.

You throw it, you burn it and then a little fire appears, perfect for killing spies and scouts.

5-The stunner mace Class:-Demoman

Description:-Stuns a player for 5 seconds, -25 health on wearer, -50 %less damage to players.

Why are scouts the only ones able to stun people,now that the demoman has a sword it would be perfect if he had some kind of ancient weapon else.

And that's all I can think at this moment,what do you think? Do I've got talent? I know all these will never be real, but what the heck, i like being a dreamer...

Until next time, sorry there will be no Overtim...

Monday, March 8, 2010

Special RPG awards, The best of the best!!!

March. Monday the 8th, it just sounds like a dream. I can't believe we there just one day left until Final Fantasy XIII and even with those crazy reviews (Mersitaion for example) I know I won't be disappointed by this game.About it tomorrow I'll make a special post, updating, exactly at the same time what happens at any single moment till the game arrives. But believe or not, I'm not going to talk about FFXIII (I'll use abreviations for every single time I repeat a videogames name). This post was supost to be made some days before, but until today I didn't feel quite well to write this. As some of you may know the Oscar ceremony has been quite recently so I'm going to make something quite similar but with my RPG games.( This will only be my opinion, it will all only be based on the games I've played and just about RPG games such as Final Fantasy and similars, games such as Diablo or World of Warcraft are not included in this post, all images,logos and sounds sre propierty of their companies, not mine)

So, here´s how it will work I will random select a category and choose for that category the best Three, so they will be put as Bronze,Silver and Gold like at the Olympics. If I don't get tired there will be 13 categories, of course this is based on the number 13 from FFXIII and as something special to do the day before its release. Better not bore you more so, let's get started with the Best of RPG's by Chris-kun.

#1#-Best RPG game.

Easy isn't it? No need to explain anything

Bronze medal: Final Fntasy VIII

I've got no complains about this game, it was my first Final Fantasy game and the one who started my passion for RPG and specially for the Final Fantasy saga. The point is if I still play with it, it will be by some good reason.

Silver Medal: Final Fantasy X

If FFVII make me love RPG games, FFX appeared like a flame for my passion, it just made me turn crazy about FF games. Great story, first FF with voices, but the best and the worst, the ending, aboslutely beautiful, but very heartbreaking, I cannot still forget about that.

Gold Medal: Shin Megami Tensei, Persona 4

This is quite strange, isn't it, the best games is not a FF game. Before buying I read a few things about this game and after that the only I felt, was it was a very rear game, so I bought. (A new game for just 30 € sound quite welll) And what do I found? Simply the best game experience ever, a mix of a Japanese anime, RPG game, social simulator and you lived all this in fist person. Not only for this, also great melodies, cool dubbing and a lot of Japanises style life. If you haven't tried and you love all this, what are you waiting for?

#2#-Best supporting role

Yes, they exist, even the uses to be a protagonist, these kind of characters are quiete more usual.They also take part at battle, and they can be better than the main protagonist, but they will ever be secondary characters. Some of them have bad past, family problems or they are just very strange orfunny. Here I choose the one's who transmit me more good feelings.

Bronze medal: Meredy (Tales of Eternia)

Ok, it may not be very famous, but I had lots of fun with her. At the beginning of the game you found this little girl,who speaks a strange language and Knows nothing about your world (if I'm not mistaken) so that's were the fun is. During the games she begins to learn speaking normal, but all learning moments are very funny. Oh, she also has a little pet, butI don't remember quite much about it.

Silver Medal:Teddy (Persona 4)

Here comes another weirdo. What the heck is this, it just looks like a teddy bear. And that's what it is. You found him at the begginin in some kind of strange place called the Midnight Channel, he helps you a lot, and also he tries to make some bad jokes. He is not much diferent from Meredy, a completely living thing that does not know anything from the human world. Special mention for his passionate love for girls, and what happens when he goes to the human world.

Gold Medal: Auron (Final Fantasy X)

Wow, it has nothing similar with the last two I talked about ,right? This guy is completely serious, little talking and very, very strong, for me he's number one. He might not talk much, but when he talks, he says what he has to say. And during battles, he's just the strongest one. Special mention for he's limits, that's how it's done.(The only little problem? I feel sad for him at the end)

#3#-Best Lyric Song

Not all RPGs have of this but, the ones they have, make all they even more grater.

Bronze Medal: Simple & Clean (Kingdom Hearts)

Or "Hikari" in the Japanese version. I just love this song, it really beautiful, I get tired of singing it one thousand times when I got the game. better listen it by yourselves.

Silver Medal: Suteki da ne (Final Fantasy X)

If you take a look to one of my older posts you'll see I've already talked about it, so what else can I say? Great songs are for great games.

Gold Medal: Reach out to the truth (Persona 4)

Another good old friend, and after three awards FFX and P4 are just in any of them (It seems this may last till the end). As I said, I talked about it , once in my post, and I'm sure I was not mistaken. The best way to know if I'm not right is to give some time to listen to all these melodies.

#4#-Best Summoning creatures

Or big things that help you a lot (not always)

Bronze Medal:- Odín (Final Fantasy VIII)

Wonderful, abosolutely wonderful and pretty simple to explain. You couldn't summon Odín like the other summonings from the game. He appeared when he wanted and he always exterminated eveything. Spectacular until he gets killed. It appears another one called Gilgamesh but, it has no similarity with Odín.

Silver Medal:-Eden (Final Fantasy VIII)

What's than big thing I see over there? It's Eden the biggest summoning I've ever seen. Just in two words, huge and exterminator.

Golden Medal:-Magus Sisters (Final Fantasy X)

Don't you get tired of FFX? I'm sorry but i just can't. They are not one single creature. They are three! Nobody knows why they dress like that, but that is because they haven't seen the delta attack.

#5#-Best OST (Original soundtrack)

OK I talked before about some songs, but this time we'll see about the whole soundtrack.

Bronze Medal: Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth

If you don't know anything about this game, search for it at google. I'll just say that every single melody fits perfectly on this game.

Silver Medal: Kingdom Hearts (saga)

Yes, the entire saga and yes, the disney melodies are also included here. Believe or not but I just don't get tired of "Under the Sea". Of course there are also fantastic FF songs such as "One Winged Angel".

Gold Medal: Shin Megami Tensei, Persona 4

It's not very surprising,isn't it? Those lyric songs, those mysterious moments sounds, everything is the best of the worlds RPG soundtracks.

#6#-Best antagonist

It's time to get mad. Mhuaw, ha, ha! If you don't like, go tell anybody who cares. Bad people exist in real life and also in videogames. In every game we have to deal with very crazy bad guys. The best of all this? When you killed them.

Bronze Medal: Sephiroth (Final Fantasy VII)

To be honest, I haven't played all the time I wanted with this game but, everytime I've saw Sephiroth it was quite impressive. Belive this guy is carzy and it's going to make you know it. All this with the great "One Winged Angel" song with it.

Silver Medal: Kefka Palazzo (Final Fantasy VI)

OK,I'll confess I've never played FFVI,all this comes from the FF Dissidia game, but after that I just love how crazy is this kind of joker/clown crazy men. I t makes you sick it makes you laugh.

Gold Medal: Seymour Guado (Final Fantasy X)

I hate, hate hate hate hate you! And worst of all I had to kill you four times at the game. Come on! I get tired of you, that rare voice, that strange look, no way! I don't know why you are the best from here, I just hate you!!! (and that's why he's the best antagonist)

#7#-Best Battle Theme

Bronze Medal: Seymour Batlle Theme (Final Fantasy X)

I can't believe I've got to write two times about you, but I must admit this song is wonderful. And best of all beacuse it cheers me to defeat you.

Silver Medal: Reach out to the truth (Persona 4)

Sorry but I had to. I now is the second time it gets an award. But what do you want I'm a human being, don't expect me to change my mind so easily.(But this time I put the real live one, from the persona concert)

Gold Medal: Unfinished Battle with God (Valkyrie Profile:Lenneth)

If this games is in the top three soundtracks, it's mainly becuse of this song, can't you hear it, it tells you ATTACK!!

#8#-Best protagonist

The ones who take the lead, the ones who get full attention from the player, the ones with make sense to the game.

Bronze Medal:- Hero (Dragon Quest VIII) & Protagonist (Persona 4)

What do we have here? It's a draw. I'm sorry but I simply couldn't choose between this two guys. They have no real names. And that's why I best like from them. You take their role, you lived then more than any others, you just feel like you are them.

Silver Medal:-Squall Leonheart (Final Fantasy VIII)

What's the main difference between Squall and the two guys I talked before? You do not became Squall at the game, you help him and live his live, but you are not him. But about the rest, he's not pretty much different:doesn't talk much, serious, etc.
Cool gun, cool scar, cool all.

Gold Medal:-Yuna (Final Fantasy X)

I still found dificult to found someone, better than her. This young girl suffers alot during FFX and haves lots of fun during the sequel. I love her personality, I've cried with her, she transmitted me all her feelings. So that's what I called a good defined protagonist, it really becames part of your life.

#9#-Best duo

Couples,couples and more couples. They usually fell in love during the game... and that's what we like about them.

Bronze Medal:-Cloud Strife-Aerith Gainsborough (Final Fantasy VII)

I said before that, I haven't played with tis game all that I wanted, but at least I played enough to see what happens till Aerith gets killed. Hearttouching moment is that. Cloud, come on I'm with you man.

Silver Medal:-Squall Leonheart-Rinoa Heartilly (Final Fantasy VIII)

They both have the word "heart"on their last names, curious isn't it? I simply love this couple. She is a happy girl, always happy , happy and more happiness. He's just like he has a stone heart. The best of all she makes him change his heart and becoming more sweet.

Gold Medal:-Tidus-Yuna (Final Fantasy X)

I still feel my tears falling when I talk about them. The scene at Macalania when they have their first kiss it just deserves an Oscar. I prefer not talking about what happens at the end. (Poor of them) Best love game story ever!

#10#-Best Boss Battle

A true boss battle has to make you, suffer from the begining to the end until you can't breath, believe me i feel that a few times.

Bronze Medal:- Efrey (Final Fantasy X)

This dragon is the protector from the city of Bevelle, and also a pain in the neck. You have to defeat him while you are on the fliying ship, telling the pilot to approach or to run away from that creature, difficult battle and also dizzy.

Silver Medal: Rapthorne (Dragon Quest VIII)

This violet huge thing, is even worse than efrey. You will suffer a lot specially beacuse during the first part of the battle he is inmmune to everything, you got to pray to some kind of spirits to make him vulnerable, I'm sure it will make you sweat.

Gold Medal:-Trema (Final Fantasy X-2)

What the...? A boss from that game? You're crazy! I know noy many people likes this games, but I'm not talking about the game, I'm talking about the boss. 1.000.000 life points, that's exactly the life he has. Acording to the game there are a lot of points. If you don't have enough with that, he attacks you every 3 sec,and later it turns carzy and tries to destroy the world (or that's what I tought when I saw what he did) so I must say Bravo! for those like me who have defeated him.

#11#Best difficulty balanced game

For me, this is one of the most important things. If a game is too easy , bad thing it will become boring.I'm still waiting for a difficult FF from the beginning to the end.

Bronze Medal:-Valkyrie Profile:Lenneth

How many times your characters will be killed? A lot? You will get tired of resurrecting them, but to be honest, I really didn't care, I had a lot of fun.

Silver Medal:-Shin Megami Tensei,Persona 4

In this game I get tired of watching the GAME OVER screen, and believe me I'm not so bad, the game's too good.

Gold Medal:-Dragon Quest VIII

Ten points for this game, it shows how a good game has to be. You will never level up just by fighting a lot, you will have to fight even more.And altough that, it won't be still enough. It's not too dificult,it's perfect.

#12#-Best intro/opening sequence

Another very important thing. The first contact with the game must be great enough to make you feel you need more.

Bronze Medal: Dissidia:Final Fantasy

Hey, this is not a RPG game. It's fighting game, I know but I just love this video with all that diferent FFs characters fighting, awesome!

Silver Medal:-Kingdom Hearts II

A CGI and a great song; perfect combnation for starting a game.What else do you need?

Gold Medal:-Final Fantasy VIII

The beach,the sea, a kind of religous song and thst's all.If you find something better go tell me.

#13#-Best enemy design

Bronze Medal: Shadow Kanji (Shin Megami Tensei, Persona 4)

What's this? Better watch it by yourselves and make your own conclusions.

Last but not least, I just wanted to show you some impressive and sometimes disguting enemies.

Silver Medal: Angra Mainyu (Final Fantasy X-2)

What do we have here? I don't know were this comes from it one of the most strange things I've ever seen.

Gold Medal:- Sinh (Final Fantasy X)

Huge,it flies, what else do you want? This things represents all the people sins, so that may explain why it looks so ugly.

And that's all!! Buf, after almost four hours writing, I feel good about the result. Some of you may not think the same as I, remember: this is just an opinion.

All I got to say left is that there's less time until FFXIII I just can't wait, but I'll make an effort!!Remember to follow (or not) tomorrow's FFXIII detailed waiting experience, See you!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Special offer on February It's 3 for the price of 1 Two new blogs!!!

Hi, dudes, (oh men I'm tired of writing. I was just thinking the other when I realized, why if create two more blogs? And there you have it. Just for the same price you've get two more blogs another in English and a Catalan blog. Both are not very serious but what can you expect from a little bit special guy? Don't worry this does not mean the death of this blog (or maybe yes, because I will leave all the serious stuff here). So let me introduce my new two blogs:

La paret de rajoles de Títan
: It will be all about funny things that happen to a so lucky guy called me. I dediced to make it in Spanish-Catalan in order to have an excuse to wrtie. If you are not afraid of making fun of others live feel free to try:

The Spellbook of a Lv 1 Mage :In the spellbook of a Lv1 mage we'll take a closer look to one of the misteries of our lifes:The videogames! but making everything look even more funny. I f you are one of those thousands players, better take a look to this blog:

And that's just a little bit of what can I offer to you, if you wanna know more try the links. Hope you'll enjoy See you... somewhere.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Unlucky Side of Life 3#:-Fantasia Final? No way!!!!

Hi dudes, here I am again, but I'll be honest with you, I would prefer not to write this, but I guess I have no choice if I wanna give some sense to my life. I think most of you, (The few you follow my blog and the ones I thank so much,of course) already know what I'm talking about. Few days ago as we always use to do after the classes we go to the reception of our building at the UJI to take a newspaper called WHAT?.

Ok you maybe asking, "WHAT?" you can't translate that;it's the name of the newspaper (to be honest this is not the first time we translate it, yesterday at Catalàn we did the same and called it, QUINA COSA? xD) and that would be a crime, but the fact is that, there was an article at the first page of the newspaper. An article about some Spanish perople, from Zaragoza which want videogame names for their streets. So they want streets name for example Super Mario Bros, Tetris and "Fantasia Final", YES IN SPANISH, instead of Final Fantasy. What the heck have they smoked?

The moment I saw this I just desired of being totally blind, I just felt like... for example when you get backstabbed from a spy in TF2 but multiplied by over 9000.(lol)I know i could give a scan of the newspaper in order to prove this but, sorry I just don't wanna see anymore that diabolic piece of paper. Oh and if I hear again "Fantasia Final" please be sure to have you're funeral arregements done, cause I'll KILL YOU!!!! And i think I've said all I wanted so see you on next post!!

Ha, ha ha just kidding! Do you really think I can just leave things how they are, NO WAY! It's very obvious that I need to make something to purify the Final Fantasy Name so here goes:

1- If somebody wants to make fun about a Final Fantasy game, instead or insulting it by changining its name or something like that better do this a funny parody which not hurts anyone.

2-If somebody tries ever to hurt a Final Fantasy game or fan better be carefull or a summon will go after you:

3:-Only 24 days left for:

Now I can rest in peace ( or sleep what ever) See ya!!